Thursday, April 4, 2013

Top 16 Random Photos of the Day

As a reoccurring theme, expects to see plenty of Top <some number> Photos of the Day.
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Now lets get on to the Half-Cocked Internets..
Surely the attacker gave him a swift reply
A healthy outlet until you use their stupid little heads to torch a cig for ya
Surprisingly works. That Nuclear Meltdown alarm is fucking annoying
Because you can
Here's the deal. You either lag a bit, or shit your pants
It'll just look like you're constantly beckoning nobody
How about some foodgasms
A lil more..
It's an oldie, but I'm sure this post wont get any hits anyway
The Colonel is not the same anymore
Loopholes are everywhere
Best we got is a new shield on the back of our pennies, crap
I'm just going to throw this one in there. Fart. Loudly
So wrong, yet so right
Oh YouTube, sometimes your comments are poetry
The Internets is where geniuses come to debate
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Stay tuned, more to come.

Day 0: A Method to the Madness


Yeah, sh!ts about to get real crazy up in here.

Well, maybe not crazy, just a lil random..

On a more serious note (and probably the last one to be mentioned in this blog), this blog is here to serve one purpose and one purpose only:

To kill my time.

Most likely yours in the process as well.

This site will be home to some of the most random, half-cocked (and fairly new) web content that I personally hand pick from aggregating scours of pictures online daily. I mean, who doesn't like funny pictures, weird articles, disturbing videos, etc..

If you like my idea and whatnot, please follow me, leave a comment, share some insights, ask for more, request topics, do anything to keep me involved. I wanna hear from you guys! I wanna make you give me all your internets!

Now, without further ado, lets get this sh!t rolling.

-and Half-Cocked Internets makes you wither away in front of your PC.